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Di Dandanell

"Creativity can jump in many different directions instead of using furs" - Marco Bizzarri, CEO Gucci

Proud to wear fake fur.

Di Dandanell

Di Dandanell is an alternative to the real fur jacket. Everything at Di Dandanell is made in faux fur, also called fake fur.

100% Faux Fur

At Di Dandanell, we advocate for animal welfare. Our mission is that we will make it more modern to wear faux fur over the real fur. Today you can make such a good quality of fake fur that you can hardly see the difference from animal fur. So why kill animals to look good when you have an alternative?

Kompromisløs kvalitet

Uncompromising quality We are so proud and satisfied with the quality of our jackets, that we give 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your Di Dandanell jacket does not live up to your expectations, you will get your money back.

Our mission

At Di Dandanell, the jackets are designed based on fashion and the colors follow the trend of the time. We never compromise on quality. Therefore, you can be assured of receiving a jacket made from the best fake fur material. That's why Di Dandanell's slogan is "prod to wear fake fur" - you can be proud of that. Di Dandanell will be your first choice when buying a faux fur jacket.
Di Dandanell will be your first choice when buying a faux fur jacket.

100% faux fur jackets

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Customers say

Elsker min nye jakke og fik super god service, ikke sidste gang jeg handler her 😀

Mette Stendrup Lauridsen

super flotte pelse som vi ikke har set i gadebilledet før 🙂 ♥️

Heidi Kjær Larsen